General Fools Improvisational Theatre was founded in May of 1997.  Early performances began on a weekly basis at the Royal Retro Cinema at midnight.  The General Fools continued their first and second seasons presenting short form improvisation.  they outlasted the cinema and moved their show to 10pm for their third season.  

The change proved to be a success and for their fourth season, the General fools moved to a prime time 8pm slot at the Royal Sask. museum.  But, the ensemble grew tiered of performing short form improvisation and began organically exploring long form improvisation.  

By the end of their fourth season, the fools decided to develop a show that would encourage the improvisational theatre community in Regina to grow and develop by introducing THEATRESPORTS for season five.

THEATRESPORTS Regina enjoyed a ten month run at the Royal Sask. Museum, but unfortunately was not renewed by the General Fools for another season as the ensemble felt the format did not lend itself to the further development of Improvisational Theatre.

In their sixth season, the General Fools formed a partnership with the Globe Theatre and presented four shows that challenged and pushed the type of improvisation Regina had already seen.  The performances were successful and proved that Regina audiences were ready to explore the boundaries of improvisation as an art form.

In seasons 7, 8 & 9 the fools presented new forms to Regina with great success; Each show focusing the fools, and exploring theatrical conventions.  

May 17th, 2007 marked the company's 10th anniversary and the General Fools were prepared to celebrate in style.  Performing to a sold out crowd on the Globe Theatre's main stage, the General Fools brought their familiar style to the stage, and the resounding, and overwhelming success of that performance will never be forgotten.  

In 2008 the General Fools took to the Globe Theatre’s main stage once again for a single performance, and once the proverbial curtain fell, the ensemble members decided that this single annual performance would be the best way to overcome the long distances the company members now lived apart and the idea of expanding that celebratory performance into a celebration of the art of improvisation too to flight.

In 2009 the first annual General Fools Festival of improvisation was held an was an immediate success.  Improvisational theatre had a venue to be celebrated, and audiences had exposure to some of Canada’s and the USA’s most inspiring companies, Including RAPID FIRE THEATRE, CRUMBS and DAD’S GARAGE.

In 2010, the General Fools put together another General Fools Festival, with another stellar line-up of improvisational greats, including RAPID FIRE THEATRE, SCRAM, BASSPROV, and SUNDAY SERVICE.